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Video Grandpa Podcast 086

Published on April 24, 2015, by in Podcast.

Kittens and Play Doh!


Video Grandpa – Podcast 086


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Beer of the Week – Full Sail Wheatwine Ale


The News

George Lucas wants to build affordable housing in Marin

Ramen Bathing

Google Project Fi

Carmakers Want To Use Copyright Law To Make Working On Your Car Illegal

Man shoots computer, tells police it was worth it


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Ty – Daredevil

Chris – “Safe Spaces” And The Mote In America’s Eye




2 Responses

  1. James W.

    In regards to the Black Widow comments, it’s still problematic when people make remarks like Jeremy Renner did about a fictional character. For a lot of girls and young women, Black Widow is an inspiring figure/role model, so it can be heartbreaking to realize that some men view their hero as a “slut.” This is especially hurtful in scenarios where the men making the jokes embody beloved fictional characters themselves, as it can be difficult for young children to tell where the character ends and the actor begins. Love the show guys, keep up the great work!

  2. Ty

    Let’s agree to disagree. I do NOT think this is as problematic as many people are making it out to be. It may have been in poor taste, but it was still a joke, about someone who isn’t real. Also, Renner was recently interviewed by Conan on his late show, and even made it a point to call men “sluts” if they acted out the same behavior.

    In the end, I have no problem if people want to get in an uproar about this, even if I think it’s silly. My issue is in regards to what those offended are trying to insinuate: Should what he said be outlawed? Should he be fined? Is this a criminal act? No, not in the slightest.

    And I’m not saying any one-comment a person makes can’t be heavily scrutinized and critiqued, but If you find J. Renner’s comments repulsive, do the smart thing: Don’t see his movie. Speak with your wallet. But writing a ton of think-pieces about why his comments were offensive really does nothing but put his name and his film in the limelight, and more often than not, results in Age of Ultron making more money at the box office.

    (Case in point: See what happened with The Protein World ad-campaign)

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