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YouTube Has Lost Its Way

Today YouTube asked me for feedback. I gave it to them.

I’ve worked in media production for my entire professional life. I’ve never once had to provide my software’s licensing agreement to a distributor until you flagged one of my videos. Two years ago I presented at conferences extolling the virtues of YouTube distribution; this year, I’m spending more time warning independent creators about the pitfalls, arbitrary rules, and selective enforcement. Intellectual property protection is important, yes, but a presumption of guilt based on a creator’s size is not only , but is antithetical to everything that built YouTube into what it is today. You are no longer “providing a forum” – you are acting as arbiter of online video, with a vested interest in asserting the rights of some creators over others. The democratization of distribution has done wonders for our industry – I’m saddened to see it seemingly abandoned in favor of the former status quo.




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