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AVerMedia ExtremeCap U3: Review, Walkthrough & Quality Comparisons

AVerMedia sent me one of their new ExtremeCap U3 capture units, which promises 1080p60 H.264 and uncompressed capture options for under $200. I’ve spent the past month putting it through its paces.

Check out the video coverage:




7 Responses

  1. UE

    Just saying that 60p won’t be noticeable unless the source is rendering at that framerate (console games usually do not although I believe AC4 on the ps4 got a patch for this)

    Ontop of this you won’t notice a difference in youtube footage unless you output with frameblending to the 29.97fps format that youtube accepts/converts to.

  2. Phil

    For some reason the Premiere plug-in seems to “disappear” after the first installation. I installed the driver and plug-in, it all showed okay in Premiere. But when I closed it and reopened it, only the device control showed. Premiere said the device was offline, even when it was not. I tried on two different Win 8.1 Pro computers. The RECentral works fine.

  3. Phil

    Well I found if I clicked on the Settings button and set up the file format right when I selected AverRecord for the first time, it appeared to retain the settings. It is a bit finicky, but then it is recording uncompressed video

  4. So when I install this plug-in, it doesn’t work. The files aren’t where they should be in this video and Windows 7 is telling me that they’re installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\AVerTemp .

    A full HD search also reveals nothing. The only thing different about my system from a normal installation is that my user profiles are on a second HD.

    I am currently speaking to AVerMedia about this, but their software’s generally been shitty to install.

  5. Eric

    Can I remote control this, for example start record or end record? since I don’t want to do post edit.

    • Video Grandpa

      You can start/stop record through the software – you can also do some basic editing after you’ve captured, though I haven’t really messed with that stuff.

  6. Mikko

    What Are my bitrate options when capturing mpeg4 in premiere with avermedia plugin?

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