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OS X Mavericks Production Software & Driver Compatibility

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, OS X Mavericks (10.9) released yesterday, and it’s free. But should you upgrade?

If you’re in production, check this list first to see if your software is compatible. Obviously this list is only current as of 10/23/2013 – I doubt I’ll be proactive enough to come back and update it. And remember, this is just official support – it’s possible your setup will run just fine even without manufacturer blessing. But as always, proceed with caution.


Final Cut Pro X

Compatible: Yes


Final Cut Pro 7

Compatible: Stop being a baby and upgrade already. Nobody’s supporting your discontinued product anymore.


Avid Media Composer

Compatible: Nope. Upgrade is not recommended, there are known issues.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Compatible: Yes, though some programs may require manual updating, including After Effects. Full info here.


Red Giant Plugins (Trapcode, Magic Bullet, etc)

Compatible: Nope. Full info here.



Compatible: Yes, but might not be all products. Check here.



Compatible: Yep. Download new software/drivers here.



Compatible: No specific info, but looking like nope.


Steinberg (Cubase, Nuendo)

Compatible: Nope. More info here.


Waves Audio Plugins

Compatible: No specific info, but Mavericks is not listed as compatible.



10 Responses

  1. Isaac Federspiel

    I’ve been hold off on upgrading because I’m not sure what it will do to my Steam library. For some reason Super Meat Boy won’t run on Mountain Lion, so I don’t want to risk more games not working with Maverick.

    • Video Grandpa

      Woof, yeah, Steam stuff would be a nightmare to go through and confirm compatibility.

    • guy 1

      I just tried Super Meat Boy on my late 2011 Macbook Pro running Mavericks and IT WORKED! At least better than on Mountain Lion. I can’t say yet, wether it works up on par with how it worked on Lion but at least it started.
      Still no real support for XBox 360 controller (it randomly accepts some buttons) and it crashed after a few minutes of normal playing (after I started Joystick Mapper, mind you). But I could maneuver through the menu and play a few levels – which is enough for me after not being able to play the game for so long.

  2. Mavericks Es Compatible con Protools HD 9 y reason???

    • Video Grandpa

      Sorry – Pro Tools would be included under Avid, as not compatible (yet). I’m not sure about Reason, I don’t use it.

  3. FCPro X (10.8), does not ‘‘share‘‘ after installing Maverick?!

  4. Steam seems to work, but installing PS3 via bluetooth is not so easy!
    The pref pane in bluetooth settings is completely changed!
    No possible way to pair devices anymore! :-(

  5. I was of course talking about the hand controller!
    Only option now is to use it in wired mode.
    Back to the 80´s – LOL!

  6. Andres

    Matrox: triplehead2go Digital Ed isn’t compatible so far. Technical Support told, while it was in Developer Preview, that due that Mavericks was not released to them for testing, they dinm’t foresee a driver release date. I wonder how it comes that they can’t invest 100 bucks for one DevAccount…
    PD: Sorry, but I am a baby, I don’t like Final Cut X. I’m sure that has been many times discussed, but is simply my opinion, my taste of detailed control in working.

  7. Racheal

    Contacted Matrox and they promised new drivers for 10.9 compatibility of Dualheads/Tripleheads early this week

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