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Xbox One Release Date 11/1?

I noticed something interesting today on the Amazon Affiliates site. The Affiliates program has a lot of different custom banners and ad units that they create for people to include on their sites – and since new consoles are launching this fall, they’ve created some to drive pre-orders. These promotional banners have Start and End dates – some are ongoing, some are timed.

Check out the timing on the Xbox One banner:

XBone Associates


The End date is 11/1/13. For reference, the End dates on all the other next-gen stuff – PS4, game preorders, etc – are 11/13 or later.

Is the Xbox One launching on 11/1/13?

Probably the best evidence is Call of Duty: Ghosts’s 11/5 release date. The Xbox One has got to be out in time for COD, right?

Ty also points out that “Get Your One on 11/1” is great marketing


Finally, the weekend of 11/1 is Daylight Savings – so we’d get an extra hour of gaming.

Sounds great! We’re calling it: the One on One-One/One.




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  1. RAY3334

    Wow this is amazing and im right along with you all im calling it too. Great info mann

  2. William Luciano

    I Agree with this article X box one, Day one edition, on Nov one, month 11

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