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Video Grandpa Podcast 001

Welcome to the Video Grandpa Podcast! Every week, Ty Root and I will be discussing what we care about in the worlds of tech, video production, gaming, and beer. We’ll be bringing on special guests and probably swearing a lot.

This is our first run at podcasting – it’ll get smoother as time goes on, with some music cues and such. But we have to start somewhere, so this is that somewhere.


Video Grandpa – Podcast 001


We discuss piracy and digital media, and take questions from @ItsTheLingo and @grap3.

This week’s news topics:

– What this is and how it’ll work

– Beer of the Week: Fireman’s 4

Matrox Monarch

Robots, Copyright, and the Future of Broadcasting

The WiiU

HBO GO in Norway

6 Strikes and You’re Out

IBC Announcements

– Something about a phone

Pick of the Week:

Ty: Clockwork

Chris: Aerofex Hoverbike



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3 Responses

  1. Johnny Sjösten

    Really liked the podcast, a good combo of beer and technology.
    HBO in the Nordic countries will be priced around 12 USD. This will give access to “…our linear television channel and our entire streaming library of old and new series.”
    And we will be able to “watch the latest episodes straight after the US premiere.”

    I don’t know how the pricing in the Nordic countries compares to the pricing in the US, but 12 dollars sounds good to me.

    • Video Grandpa

      Thanks for listening! I wish we could get HBO stand-alone here for $12 – it’s currently only available as an add-on to traditional cable, and costs $14.99/month (at least on my cable provider).

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